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Our Fab Audit Team!


This is why we are different!

After running a website through some automated checks and perhaps a few manual ones, that is where nearly all website accessibility auditors stop.

This is where we begin.

Our amazing team have superpowers! You might not immediately think of someone's disability being their superpower but it most certainly is!

This is the only way you can truly find out how accessible your website is!

Live audits, recorded to video, edited and presented to you with chapters for ease of reference!

This is what we do.

How to get an insight into what life can really be like!

If you have never seen a disabled person’s experience of using a website before then we suggest that you do! We believe that if every web designer actually saw it for themselves, you would find accessibility would get a far higher priority than it often does at the moment!

Each of our testers has been using assistive technology with website for a long time, so they are already familiar with trying to navigate through other websites, so the website that is being audited is being treated in relation to their usual experiences. We believe this is a fair and reasonable approach to take. Our testers often come up with get suggestions themselves that can assist the web design team greatly in improving their website’s accessibility!

Who are they?

Audit Team


Superpower: Blindness

Weapons: JAWS + Keyboard

Mede has been blind since she developed a degenerative eye condition as a child.

She is currently working on her Master's Degree in Marketing at Sussex University.

She also uses the screen reader JAWS, in conjunction with a keyboard, to interact with websites.


Audit Team (1300 × 500px) (Presentation (16:9))


Superpower: Cannot use hands

Weapons: Voice and Dragon Dictation Software

Iona can speak 17 languages. She also used to photograph some of the world's biggest rock bands and they frequently appeared in Kerrang! magazine.

She lost the use of one hand following a brain injury some years ago.

She has limited use of her other hand but tries to avoid using it when she can because it causes her pain.

In other words, she can view a website perfectly well but is unable to use a keyboard or a mouse.

She prefers instead to use Dragon Dictation software to navigate a website, with varying levels of success.


Audit Team


Superpower: Neurodivergent

Weapon: Dark Mode

Sara is an engineer. She also has extreme ADHD and dyspraxia and finds certain elements of websites, such as pop-up windows, very distracting.

She also finds white backgrounds give her a headache so she always prefers using different contrast options if they are available.

Although she can use both a keyboard and a mouse, she often has to copy the text from a page and paste it into an application such as Microsoft Word, just so she is able to absorb the information correctly.


Krista Superpower: Blind Weapon: JAWs Screen Reader


Superpower: Blind

Weapons: JAWS and NVDA Screen readers, keyboard

Krista is a blind skier and a copywriter. She uses both JAWS and NVDA screen readers in conjunction with a keyboard. She also shoots and edits her own videos.

She reads websites with her screen reader at such a fast pace normally that she has to slow it down by 65% so I can understand it when we are recording a live audit!

Watch this amazing video clip to see her doing exactly that!




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