The Access by Design Website Accessibility Audit Team: Krista (Superpower: Blind, Weapon: JAWs Screen Reader),  Mede (Superpower: Blind, Weapon: JAWs Screen Reader),  Iona (Superpower: Cannot use hands, Weapon: Dragon Dictation),  Sara (Superpower: Neurodivergent, Weapon: Dark Mode), Lleona (Superpower: Blind, Weapon: NVDA Screen Reader),
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Our testing team

A collage of six illustrations shows empowered women in various poses and activities. Women are depicted flexing muscles, dancing, in groups, in a wheelchair with friends, celebrating, and holding a gender equality symbol. The color scheme features blue and yellow tones.

Raising Accessibility Standards, UK and Worldwide!

Our exceptional team of digital accessibility specialists possess unparalleled skills in website auditing. Rather than viewing disability as a limitation, we see it as a unique strength. This perspective allows us to truly assess the accessibility of your website.

A website accessibilty test by real disabled people!

Our disability testing team are skilled users of assistive technology, proficient in navigating various websites. They assess the audited site based on their daily interactions, ensuring impartiality. Moreover, they frequently offer valuable recommendations to enhance digital accessibility beyond standard testing, greatly benefiting web design and development teams.

We go a step further by conducting live audits and meticulously documenting our findings in structured videos for easy reference. This is where we truly shine.

If you haven't witnessed how individuals with disabilities engage with websites, we urge you to do so. We believe that firsthand experience will highlight the significance of accessibility in web design.

Embrace a different perspective on access to the digital world!


Who are they?

Mede (Superpower: Blind, Weapon: JAWs Screen Reader)


Superpower: Blindness

Weapons: JAWS + Keyboard

Mede has been blind since she developed a degenerative eye condition as a child.

She completed her Master's Degree in Marketing at Sussex University this year.

She also uses the screen reader JAWS, in conjunction with a keyboard, to interact with websites.

She is passionate about disability. Accessibility in Marketing is something she is able to give a unique perspective on.


Iona (Superpower: Cannot use hands, Weapon: Dragon Dictation)


Superpower: Cannot use hands

Weapons: Voice and Dragon Dictation Software

Iona can speak 17 languages. She also used to photograph some of the world's biggest rock bands. 

Following a brain injury some years ago. She has a hand disability. Accessibility is restricted by the limited use of her hands and using them causes pain. In effect, she is unable to use a keyboard or a mouse. Instead, Iona uses Dragon Dictation software to navigate a website.

She also has ADHD and a colour contrast check is one of the first things she does. She does not need to use a contrast ratio checker because she knows that poor contrast makes her feel tired more quickly.



Sara( Superpower: Neurodivergent, Weapon: Dark Mode)


Superpower: Neurodivergent

Weapon: Dark Mode

Sara is an engineer. She also has extreme ADHD and dyspraxia and finds certain elements of websites, such as pop-up windows, very distracting.

She also finds white backgrounds give her a headache and she always performs a colour contrast check, as poor contrast will affect her ability to read the page clearly. Like Iona, she does not need a contrast ratio checker as poor contrast affects her almost immediately. 

Although she can use both a keyboard and a mouse, she often has to copy the text from a page and paste it into an application such as Microsoft Word, just so she can absorb the information correctly.


Lleona (Superpower: Blind, Weapon: NVDA Screen Reader)


Superpower: Blind

Weapons: NVDA Screen readers, keyboard

Lleona was diagnosed with retinoblastoma and was blinded due to retinal detachment when she was a child. She is an Associate in Computer Technology, an active advocate within the disability community and the lead writer/conceptualist of VIFAL's YouTube channel.

In addition to the Live Audits, she also records some insightful audio reviews of PDFs and other documents.





Krista Superpower: Blind Weapon: JAWs Screen Reader


Superpower: Blind

Weapons: JAWS and NVDA Screen readers, keyboard

Krista is a blind skier and a copywriter. She uses both JAWS and NVDA screen readers in conjunction with a keyboard. She also shoots and edits her own videos.\

She reads websites with her screen reader at such a fast pace normally that she has to slow it down by 65% so I can understand it when we are recording a live audit!

Watch this amazing video clip to see her doing exactly that!




This is how you can truly help to implement accessibility standards. UK and around the world!

Every website accessibility test by our Team brings an insight you cannot truly get any other way!

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