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Our Team in Action

Most other website accessibility audit companies typically rely on automated assessments and perhaps some simulated experiences of disabled users. While these methods can provide some insight, they fall short of truly understanding the challenges faced by individuals with disabilities. It's akin to assuming that spending 30 minutes in a wheelchair gives a full comprehension of what life is like for someone who relies on it permanently.

We firmly believe that the only reliable way to gauge your website's accessibility is through testing by individuals with disabilities, recording their experiences, and presenting the findings. That's precisely what we offer.

If you're interested in witnessing the expertise of our website accessibility team, we have a compilation to share with you. These examples, drawn from recent audits, highlight common issues that can significantly impede disabled individuals' online experiences.

Sadly, these challenges are far from uncommon, despite accessibility guidelines being in place since 1999. We recognise that ignorance of these issues often leads to unintentional exclusion. But we're here to bridge that gap.

Understanding why your website is inaccessible is the first step toward making meaningful improvements for all users. We're committed to assisting you at every stage of this process. By involving us early on, you can mitigate costs and ensure accessibility is built into your website from the start.

We invite you to enjoy the video and look forward to the opportunity to collaborate with you on creating a more inclusive online environment.



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