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How can you truly know if your website is accessible?
You have real disabled people test it for you.
There is no other way.
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Website Accessibility Audit

Thank you very much for visiting us today.

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Some questions you should ask

You are probably here because you are looking for a company that can undertake an Accessibility Audit of your website and you may have found us on a search engine, you are shopping around, perhaps to get a few proposals together.

We can help you with this. Here are the questions you should be asking every company you approach.

  • What is involved in your accessibility audit?
  • Do you use disabled people in them?
  • Do you provide video evidence of this?
  • Do you have a proven track record in accessible web design?

What you may hear is that they do not use disabled people but they "simulate" how disabled people use websites.

Think about that for a moment.

It is the same as saying that you can sit in a wheelchair for 30 minutes and know what it is like to be in one, every day, for the rest of your life.

It is not the same. It can never be the same.

It is only when you have disabled people evaluate your website that you can truly have a full picture of what the issues are.

We were here first!

We have been designing and building fully accessible websites since 2006 and we built the Web's first fully accessible, mobile and tablet-friendly website in 2011.

We have a thorough understanding of website accessibility and apply this knowledge with every audit we perform. This is why you can be confident in working with us.

Watch this amazing TED Talk!

Please watch our Managing Director, Clive Loseby, give an amazing TED Talk on Website Accessibility. You will never look at a website in the same way again.


A strong track record in the public and private sector

We have undertaken website accessibility audits for UK Government Agencies, The NHS, Barclays Bank, The Criminal Records Office, Traffic Scotland, Wightlink Ferries and many more.

Our clients logos: NHS, Barclays, ACRO, Traffic Scotland...

We work with your website design agency

We also believe in sharing best practices and we will work with your web design agency, in giving guidance on how you could make your website more accessible for disabled people. Furthermore, we can also provide you with a website accessibility statement that will do two things: it will reach out to disabled people and make them aware of what issues there may be with your website whilst also protecting you from potential litigation.

The Equality Act

The biggest concern that most businesses and particularly public bodies have, is whether they are legally compliant or not. The natural instinct is to go to the UK Government Website and follow their guidance. Their guidance is very helpful in some respects but it is concerned with ensuring that publicly-funded websites achieve a fairly narrow level of compliance that the UK Government deems to be acceptable.

Unfortunately, it is quite possible to comply with this legislation and still have an inaccessible website. If you have a website, whether you are a private company, a charity or a publicly-funded body, it falls under the Equality Act. This is why having a professional accessibility audit and a professionally written Accessibility Statement is so important. The Accessibility Statement will inform visitors to your website what they can expect whilst at the same time giving you complete protection from litigation.

We will look after you

Get our free guide on improving the accessibility of your website by following this link or clicking on the image below.

We are here to help you and protect you, no matter how accessible or inaccessible your website currently is. However, from an Inclusivity point of view, it is not about protection from litigation, it is about reaching out to disabled people and letting them know you will do everything to help them, no matter what the challenges may be with your website.

We have put together a lot of information on this website that we hope will be very useful to you.

Follow this link for our free guide or click on the image below.

10 Top Tips to make your website content more accessible

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Our mission

We have been building accessible websites since 2006 and have knowledge that we wish to share, as we strive to fulfil our mission:

To change the world, one website at a time.

Thank you again for coming to our website.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Recent Work - Case Studies

Website Accessibility Audit for Arun District Council

Website Accessibility Audit for Arun District Council

A large website with a lot of functionality! We have recently completed an audit for Arun District Council. Their website contained a large amount of information and had been revamped a year ago. There was a lot of functionality to test, including: Payment Portal Refuse... read more »

Online Learning Platform Accessibility Audit

Online Learning Platform Accessibility Audit

Learning platforms do not follow the conventions We recently were asked to perform an accessibility audit on an online learning platform. These platforms are usually accessed through a web portal and require an account to log in. The platforms, of course, fall under the Equality... read more »

Accessibility Audit for a Travel Company

Accessibility Audit for a Travel Company

Analysing the customer journeys A large travel company contacted us because they wanted an accessibility audit of some of the different customer journeys through their website. They were keen to ensure that disabled people were able to use the website effectively and most importantly, book... read more »

Accessibility Audit for a Help Portal

Accessibility Audit for a Help Portal

Not all Websites are visible to the public! Websites are usually public-facing and more straightforward to audit. If you can find a website and it does not require you to log in to access it, it is clearly designated as publicly accessible. Therefore, falling under... read more »

Website accessibility audit for a publicly-funded body

Website accessibility audit for a publicly-funded body

We have been working recently with an organisation that had launched a new website last year. They had been asked by the UK Government to have their website audited and we were invited to put a proposal together. The website itself was large, over... read more »

NHS Website Accessibility Audit

NHS Website Accessibility Audit

We have been working with a clinical commissioning group in the NHS. They approached us because they were aware that their website had some limitations and were concerned about how accessible it was for visitors with accessibility needs. The website was built in WordPress... read more »