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Website Acessibility Audit
How can you truly know if your website is accessible?
With accessibility testing by real disabled people.
There is no other way.
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Accessibility Audit

Discover the Power of an Accessibility Audit for Your Website

Is your website truly accessible to all users? Chances are, it's not and there's room for improvement. In fact, research indicates that over 96.1% of the web's top 1 million websites fall short in catering to the needs of disabled individuals. Most countries in the world have a Legal Framework in place to encourage compliance with the regulations and enforcement is now becoming a daily occurrence.

What exactly is an accessibility audit, you might wonder?

Simply put, it's a comprehensive evaluation conducted by a team of experts specialising in website accessibility. A website accessibility audit is essentially a thorough review performed by experts in web accessibility. This process involves detailed testing to identify where your site may not align with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), offering a clear plan for enhancements. Compliance with WCAG isn't just a nicety; it's increasingly becoming a legal requirement in many countries.

Our Expertise in Website Accessibility
We have been at the forefront of achieving the highest accessibility standards through designing, building and testing websites since 2006. Led by our Managing Director, Clive Loseby, a TED Speaker on Website Accessibility, our team has spearheaded groundbreaking initiatives, including the development of the web's first accessible, mobile, and tablet-friendly website. In 2011, we created the Web's first accessible, mobile and tablet-friendly website. This achievement was recognised in 2015 when we won the award for Product Innovation at the Observer Business Awards.

Trusted by Industry Leaders

Our stellar track record speaks volumes. From UK Government Agencies to multinational corporations like Barclays Bank, our clientele encompasses a diverse range of organisations committed to inclusivity and accessibility.

What Sets Us Apart?

At our core, we prioritise the invaluable insights of disabled individuals. By integrating them into our Accessibility Testing Team, we gain unique perspectives that shape our approach. This integration offers invaluable insights that inform our strategies. Our goal is to empower your web design team, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and creativity. 

Embark on Your Accessibility Journey with Us

We're changing the World, one website at a time. Global Accessibility for Disabled People is our core aim. Accessibility isn't just a checkbox; it's an ongoing journey. Let's embark on this path together, ensuring that an accessibility audit on your website by us sets you on the pathway towards achieving the highest standard for inclusivity and compliance with WCAG guidelines.

Our Commitment to Accessibility

At Access By Audit, accessibility is not just a checkbox—it's the heart of what we do. By aligning with the latest WCAG standards, we ensure that your digital presence is robust, compliant, and ready to welcome users from all walks of life.

We're on a mission to revolutionise the web, making it globally accessible to disabled individuals. Partner with us for an accessibility audit, and we'll guide you towards the pinnacle of inclusivity and WCAG conformity.

Together, let's craft a web that's universally accessible, paving the way for a more inclusive digital landscape.