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User Testing

Blind person using computer with braille computer display

Manual Accessibility Testing

You may be feeling rather daunted by the amount of automated website accessibility checks we have listed. Do not worry! It is much better to have a clear understanding of what issues may be present.

To fully understand the true accessibility of a website, thorough manual checking is also a must. Our expertise in accessible website design allows us to give you a deeper insight than you might have otherwise..

A collage of six illustrations shows empowered women in various poses and activities. Women are depicted flexing muscles, dancing, in groups, in a wheelchair with friends, celebrating, and holding a gender equality symbol. The color scheme features blue and yellow tones.

Our testing team

Although we have worked in website accessibility for disabled people since 2006, we are always learning! We bring in members from our team of disabled people to test the website themselves. We record each live session and include it as part of our final audit.

This part is everyone’s favourite, our clients love it and so do we! No matter how thorough you think you have been, you cannot beat the real live feedback from a disabled tester as they use the website for themselves!