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Your Partner in Achieving Digital Accessibility Excellence

Based in the UK and recognised worldwide, we stand at the forefront of web and digital accessibility. Operating globally, we offer unparalleled expertise in making digital content universally accessible. Our mission is to assist organisations in breaking down barriers within their websites, mobile applications, and broader digital services to ensure inclusivity, usability, and compliance with the most current international accessibility standards and regulations.

Our Expertise at Your Service

Our team consists of highly specialised consultants with extensive experience in digital accessibility. We are dedicated to helping your organisation navigate the complex landscape of accessibility laws and guidelines, including the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and other global accessibility standards. By staying abreast of the latest developments and leveraging our deep understanding of accessibility requirements, we ensure that your digital platforms are not only compliant but also provide an outstanding user experience for everyone.

Collaborative Engagement for End-to-End Solutions

Recognising that digital accessibility is a dynamic and ongoing process, we offer to collaborate closely with your in-house digital teams from the outset of your project through to its completion and beyond. Our approach is to integrate seamlessly with your existing workflows, providing targeted insights, strategic advice, and hands-on support to address accessibility challenges at every project stage. Whether you are in the concept phase, design, development, or looking to audit and retrofit existing digital assets for greater accessibility, our team is equipped to guide you.

Tailored Strategies to Meet Your Unique Needs

Understanding that each organisation's accessibility journey is unique, we begin our engagement by thoroughly understanding your specific goals, challenges, and the digital landscape in which you operate. Based on this understanding, we craft a bespoke digital accessibility strategy that aligns with your organisational objectives and meets the diverse needs of all users. Our proposals are designed not just to achieve compliance but to enhance the overall user experience, thereby extending your reach and connecting with a broader audience.

Why Choose Us?

  • Global Expertise, Local Insight: Our international experience, combined with an understanding of local accessibility laws and standards, positions us uniquely to provide advice that is both globally relevant and locally applicable.
  • Comprehensive Support: From initial assessments to strategy implementation and ongoing compliance monitoring, we offer a full spectrum of services to ensure your digital content remains accessible and compliant.
  • User-Centered Approach: We prioritise the real-world needs and experiences of users with disabilities in our strategies, ensuring that your digital platforms are genuinely inclusive.
  • Commitment to Excellence: As your partners in digital accessibility, we are committed to delivering solutions that not only meet but exceed industry standards, setting new benchmarks for inclusivity and compliance. 

Get in Touch

Initiating your accessibility journey or looking to enhance your current efforts? Let's talk about how we can tailor a digital accessibility strategy to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Together, we can create digital experiences that are accessible, engaging, and inclusive for everyone.

Contact us today to discuss your project and discover how we can help you build a more inclusive digital world.

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What is digital accessibility?

Digital accessibility refers to the practice of designing and developing digital content and technologies that can be used by everyone, including those with disabilities. Just as buildings install wheelchair ramps and offer Braille as an alternative to printed materials to ensure physical accessibility, the... read more »

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Accessibility Issues

What kind of accessibility issues are there?  Digital accessibility encompasses a variety of challenges that can hinder the ability of individuals with disabilities to fully engage with online content. Understanding and addressing these issues is crucial for creating inclusive digital environments. Here’s a breakdown of... read more »

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Public Sector Websites

Public Sector Websites WCAG 2.2 Compliance If you work within the public sector, you will be aware that the UK Government has guidelines on the level of accessibility that Public Sector websites should achieve. Adhering to governmental guidelines for website accessibility isn’t just recommended—it’s imperative.... read more »

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Accessibility Statement

A website Accessibility Statement has two main functions. Firstly, it is there to inform visitors to your website how accessible your website is for people with different accessibility needs.

Everyone recognises that we live in an imperfect world and a website Accessibility Statement tells visitors what those imperfections are and what you will be doing to resolve them. If there are issues that cannot be resolved, it is also an excellent opportunity to inform visitors of the alternative provisions you have made.

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Accessible PDFs

What are PDFs? PDFs, or Portable Document Formats, is a file format that was developed by Adobe in 1992 that revolutionised the way we share documents to be accessed by anyone, regardless of the technology used to access them. Designed to maintain the integrity of... read more »

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Achieving digital accessibility can be complex, requiring an in depth understanding of guidelines, technologies, and user needs. This is where specialised training and consultancy services for digital accessibility can help. Training Web Developers and Designers:Web developers and designers play a crucial role in ensuring that... read more »

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Consultancy Service

Welcome to Your Pathway to Web Accessibility Excellence At Access By Audit, we specialise in guiding businesses and organisations through the complexities of web accessibility, ensuring your digital content is inclusive and compliant with the latest standards. Whether you're in the planning stages of a... read more »