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An accessibility statement with a difference!

on September 7, 2023 at 8:35am |Updated on February 26, 2024 at 2:01pm A table with 2 benches fixed to it, gaps are on the other sides for wheelchairs. A sign on the floor reads “Polite Notice Please prioritise these tables for disabled users”

An Exceptional Accessibility Example

I absolutely admire this accessibility initiative!

During my morning stroll along the seafront, I stumbled upon something quite remarkable. It's a collection of eight outdoor tables and accompanying seating right in front of a café.

Each of the four tables in the front row features a sign that reads:

"Polite Notice Please prioritize these tables for disabled users."

How often do you come across tables like these, only to find them surrounded by fixed benches that leave no room for a wheelchair (or a stroller, or a walker)?

What's truly commendable here is that every single table is designed this way, ensuring there's wheelchair access at each one.

The sign simply serves as a gentle reminder to customers without disabilities that it's much more convenient for them to choose seating further away, as it might be less straightforward for someone with a disability.

An accessibility statement isn't just a checkbox item; it's a declaration of care. That's precisely why I'm so impressed by this setup—it speaks volumes about the café owner's ethos.

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