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Our Team in Action!

Nearly every other website accessibility audit company will undertake an automated assessment response and may even include some "simulation" of what a disabled person may do. That is where they will stop. If you do not have any disabled people in your team, this is what you have to do. We understand that.

However, it is a bit like saying that sitting in a wheelchair for 30 mins will give you an understanding of what life is truly like for someone who will be in a wheelchair for the rest of their life.

We think there is only one way to find out how accessible your website really is. You need to have disabled people test it, record their results and then present it to you.

This is what we do.

If you would like to see our amazing website accessibility team in action, we have a compilation to show you.

These are just a few examples taken from some of our recent audits.

These issues are not unusual at all and they will give you some idea of how challenging it can be for disabled people to do something as basic as visiting a website.

It should not be like this, the guidelines on how to build websites that are accessible for all have been around since 1999. However, you do not know what you do not know and we are to help!

If you understand why your website is inaccessible for disabled people, you can start the process to make it better for them and for everyone else! We are here to help you at each and every stage and the earlier we are involved, the least costly it will be, because we can help you get it right from the outset and help you stay on track. 

We hope you enjoy the video!


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